Mastfoot Warning

Mastfoot Warning

Lower section mastfoot (Techno 293 OD)

Ref : 53467

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT unless you have read and understood this warning, and the warnings under the heading "Recommended Windsurfing Practice" in the BIC Windsurf User Manual which is included with all boards.

mastfoot windsurf by Techno bic sport

If you are under the age of 18, you should have your parent or guardian read these warnings and instructions and should not use this product unless you are under the proper guidance and supervision of such a person.

WARNING: The T293 OD Universal Joint is subject to extreme loads and forces and should be regularly checked and replaced if it shows any signs of wear and tear. As a result of the intensive load placed on this product, the T293 OD Universal Joint has a limited lifetime of up to 120 hours and should be automatically replaced after this time. For an average user this will mean that it requires replacement after 6 months of normal use. If any doubt exists about the age or condition of this part, it should be replaced immediately. For more details please read the full warning available in the BIC Windsurf User Manual, available on this website. If you have any questions, need clarification, or if you need to contact us, please do so via this website.

The key elements of "Recommended Windsurfing Practice" in relation to this product are the following:

Windsurfing is a HAZARDOUS activity and the use of windsurfing equipment involves the risk of serious personal injury to any part of the user's body or death.
Injuries are an INHERENT RISK of windsurfing and the participation in windsurfing implies the user's express assumption of those risks.
ALWAYS inspect your equipment for signs of wear and tear each time before sailing, particularly this universal joint.
IF any products are found to show signs of wear and tear, these should be repaired or replaced immediately and before further use.
NEVER place yourself in a situation where the breakage of any one of your windsurfing components would pose a risk to yourself or others, or make it impossible to return to the shore safely and unassisted.