Techno 293 One Design

Techno 293 One Design

The growing success of fun, friendly competitive watersports

The official worldwide-approved board for Junior Under 17 competitions, the Techno 293 One Design has seen its fleet numbers explode over the last few years. Today, there are more than 9000 Techno 293s sailing somewhere in the world, with a supporting competition program that is constantly growing. The 2014 World Championships, held in Brest in France, drew more than 400 competitors from 35 countries and 6 continents: a windsurfing record. The 2015 European Championships in Liepaja/Latvia were another huge success with 300 competitors from 25 countries. The Techno 293 OD is firmly established in numerous countries now and the 293 scene’s vitality has quickly made it the biggest windsurf fleet on the planet. The Techno 293 OD class launched a new sub-category, the Techno +, opening the One Design competition door to older riders/competitors. This format got a big success in Latvia and holds a great promise. To break into formula competitions where all equipment is equal, is high quality, is reasonably priced; to enable young riders all round the world to share the same passion, to make new friends and have great fun, the Techno 293 OD is a must.

  Techno 293 OD  


T293 regatta start with BIC Sport



Logo ACE-TEC by BIC Sport

BIC Sport is the only windsurf manufacturer who’s production facility is in Europe, and the only manufacturer to have mastered the technological art of thermo-forming in aluminium moulds, guaranteeing 100% faithful reproduction of the original prototype shapes approved by the shaper and riders.

With decades of experience in windsurf manufacturing BIC Sport is a pioneer and expert in the field of thermoformed composite construction technology. Over the past few years we’ve refined our ACE-TEC technology for Windsurf boards. This unique technology suits the needs of experienced riders and newbies alike with a unique combination of LIGHT WEIGHT, DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE at a great price.

Big volume (205 litres) = Stability and flotation for light-wind sailing.
Long length (293 cm) = Glide in light-wind sub-planing conditions, upwind tracking.
3 positions mast track = For trimming the board in upwind or downwind sailing conditions.
Multi-position footstraps + upwind position = Fine tuning of the board set-up for different users and riding styles.
Front end bumper: Protection of the nose of the board

Three concaves shape: planing ability, low to medium wind performance
Round rails on the front = fun, and easy to ride in all conditions
Thick and low rails on the rear: upwind performance
Large width at one foot off = planing ability
46 cm or 50 cm Select fin, prepreg construction = high performance up and downwind

ACE-TEC Technology T293 by BIC Sport
  1. UD glass 160gr
  2. Cellular structure + Glass fiber 50gr
  3. Polystyrene core 20 gr/l
  4. ASA sheet 0.8mm
  5. UD glass 200gr
  6. UD Carbon (T293 OD only)