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Recently, BIC Sport rigs have been seriously re-cut and updated, to deliver even easier handling, even more versatility, and improved averall performance.

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BIC Windsurf story

After numerous World Cup victories in the early 2000s, BIC Sport steered a different sporting course than other manufacturers, investing heavily in mono-type/formula regattas for junior racers, launching the Techno 293 OD and a comprehensive range of One Design sail rigs. Ten years down the line, and the Techno 293 OD has just beaten the all-time record for the number of riders competing at a One Design World Championship, with 474 competitors from 33 countries and 6 continents coming to Lake Garda in Italy (one of the sport’s legendary spots) in 2016. An even bigger event than the majors of the 80s, a period when the windsurf market was 10 times the size it is now ! Supreme recognition, if it was needed, for a board that has come to symbolise all the best values of windsurf-for-all as identified by BIC Sport.

On the industrial side, BIC Sport has again opted for a radically different path than that of its competitors. At the beginning of the 2000s, when the other major players were out-sourcing their production to Asia, BIC Sport chose to keep its manufacturing close to home, producing all its boards in France, using the unique manufacturing process that has underpinned their reputation for decades.

In a market crowded with a bewildering number of models, BIC Sport has chosen to focus its 2017 Windsurf range on four different board series, each with a limited number of models and new additions, that will help you easily identify the board that suits you best : TECHNO, BEACH, SUP WIND and Techno 293 OD.

• In the celebrated TECHNO series, on one side you’ve got the Blue Line, a group comprising the daggerboard models 160D, 185D and 240D, entry-level, light weight boards for all the family, and on the other the Red Line, two boards, the 133 and the 148, that have built a reputation based on great performance and easy riding. These two pure funboards get an extra boost in 2017 with the option of a full-carbon BIC Sport Foil, designed in collaboration with Kerfoil, a leading specialist in windsurf foils. An exciting addition !

• The BEACH series, built to last with our exceptional new TOUGH-TEC material technology, using up-to-the-minute designs, and incredibly affordably priced, is perfect for windsurf clubs and schools anywhere, as well as for families and individuals looking for tough, easy to ride equipment and the sheer enjoyment of leisure windsurfing. Simple !

• The latest arrival in the BIC Windsurf range, the SUP WIND, is the missing-link between Windsurf and SUP, the must-do new board sport. The Wind SUP 11’6 has been a massive success among families, clubs and schools looking for a do-it-all option : ideal for SUP, ideal for Windsurf ! Recently added to the series is an inflatable, the 10’6 SUP Air Wind. You can put it in its backpack and take it sailing anywhere in the world. Useful !

Learning, progressing, competing, or just spending time on the water ! The BIC Sport view is that windsurf is still the most exciting and most affordable way to enjoy the sailing sensation, as long as it stays simple.

Wishing you some fantastic sessions !


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