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Over 20 years ago BIC Sport launched the first molded production surfboard in the history of the sport. This radical idea opened the sport to tens of thousands of new surfers by offering a winning combination of performance and durability at a reasonable price. In order to design a full range of molded boards BIC sport partnered with some of the best board shapers in the industry. One of those shapers, Gerard Dabbadie, understood and believed in the idea of making surfing accessible to everyone as well as the fact that each of his original shapes would be built exactly as intended, in each board that came out of the mold. Gerard has been with the brand since the beginning and still is today. He designed most models in the BIC Surfboard range, including the legendary 7’9 and 7’3 models, both of which have seen more than 100,000 units produced and shipped from the production facility in Vannes, Brittany.

In the early 2000s BIC Surf developed the One Design concept in surfing, where all competitors use the same equipment to level the playing field for all competitors. This effort culminated in the Longboard Challenge, an international caliber competition open to all professional surfers. Today the concept lives on with the BIC KID One Design, a one design surf competition open to up and coming young French surfers, stays faithful to the «one board for all» concept in amateur competitions. This discipline has seen a record increase in numbers in 2016, with more than 100 young surfers turning up at each of the three BIC KID event stops. The 2016 Monitors Challenge saw surf instructors from across southwest France battling each other while all riding the same DURA-TEC 7’0 Egg model, a highly versatile board for progressive surfing.

More recently BIC Surf received the European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Brand of the Year award in 2013 and as well as the Ecoride Gold award in 2013-2016 for environmental commitments throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

For 2017 the BIC Surf is exited to offer the most comprehensive range of boards we’ve ever developed, as well as key new features and benefits.

The new PAINT Softboard range launched last year has been a huge success. This success allowed us to invest further in the R&D on this new range. We’ve updated the shapes of the 7’0 and 8’0 Paint boards, now called the Magnum and the Super Magnum, adding width and thickness while keeping a performance outline and bottom shape. These new boards fulfill a simple mission: make surfing accessible and fun for everyone while maintaining solid performance for enthusiast surfers. All Paint models 6’0 and longer now have a convenient carry handle, located close to the rail for carrying comfort for riders of all sizes, including kids.

The DURA-TEC range is still the go-to choice as rental boards and are the ultimate boards for novice and intermediate riders looking for maximum durability and reliable performance. No worries about being stuck on the beach because of a dinged or broken board – surf worry-free and maximize your time in the water! For a higher level of lightweight performance the epoxy ACE-TEC range delivers with proven shapes and much higher durability than other epoxy boards on the market.

Constant innovation, sustainability in the production process, reliability, performance and durability are what sets BIC Surfboards apart. Made in France for all surf skills and styles, all of these elements Blend in the BIC Surf DNA and is why BIC Surf is one of the largest surfboard brands in the world today.


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