Julieta Gismondi
Julieta Gismondi

Julieta Gismondi

Originally from Buenos Aires, where I skulled from a very young age. Moved to NY in 2005 and continued being a water rat via Manhattan kayak Company, where I soon started working as a kayak guide and instructor at age 19. Today I’m Deputy Director and, besides freelancing as a videographer in the off-season, it has been the only job I’ve had. It’s not only my source of income and profession, it’s the life style I choose to live, it’s essentially who I am. I’m a paddler.


Interview :

When and where did you start SUP?
We got a couple of boards in 2007 and casually started playing around. Evetnually built a comprehensive instructional program which we added to our kayak curriculum and branched out to SUPs as well.

Which sports did you practice before? and now?
I skulled from age 6 to 18, mostly recreationally. It’s a very popular sport in Buenos Aires. Eventually took up kayaking, but didn’t get too seriously in it until I moved to NYC. Apart from the water sports, I ride my bike everywhere. 30 miles round trip from home to work, almost daily. I run about 6 miles every 2 weeks (wish I had time to go for more runs!) When the season ends I run more, do more yoga, still paddle and ride, of course.

How have the sports you did before helped with SUP?
Kayaking has been an interesting starting point when figuring out the techniques. A lot of torso rotation was employed at first and slowly transformed into a one bladed stroke. Coming from another water sport gives you more confidence about the waters you paddle in. I was less worried about swimming, or fighting the tides for hours on end paddling on a treadmill, or that sort of thing. Although it’s different, the endurance and familiarity was there.

What attracts you to SUP?
I love kayaking, but being able to have that freedom that standing on a board gives me, is why I also love to paddleboard.

SUP race, SUP surf or something else?
Yes, participated in a few races. My first race was The 100 Mile Paddle in CA. LouAnne and I won first place for the 2 person women team. Raced a few times in Bariloche, Argentina, and a couple of weeks ago did my first local race in Rockaway. Came in first on the Elite 8 miler in the women category Looking forward to some whitewater SUP this summer.

Do you participate in competitions?
Yes, some. Locally, mostly. Long Island, or NY/NJ area.


1st place 100 Mile Paddle 2014. Women. Team of 2.
2nd place women. 10k Patagonia SUP at the Llao Llao Hotel.
1st place women. Elite race. 8 mile. Uncle Richie Paddle.
Self-supported circumnavigation of Long Island. 287 miles in 11 days.