Jala Wharton
Jala Wharton

Jala Wharton

…as someone who sailed the world with her family from the age of 9 to 11, I have always been drawn to the water. Four years ago, when SUPing found me, it was love at first paddle! As a mother of 4, a fitness instructor and a veteran of the print and video modeling industry, stand up paddling is an extension of everything in my life that is good. Sunsets, glassy mornings, picture perfect scenarios, intense workouts whether alone or sharing these experiences with my family and friends are collectively what I have always wanted my life to be. SUPing represents the ideal of living your dreams, doing what inspires you and the rest will all fall into place…


Interview :

When and where did you start SUP?
Summer of 2011…beaches of Traverse City, Michigan

Which sports did you practice before? And now?
Avid/competitive runner, Yoga, Swimming. Modus 45 fitness class instructor
I still love to do all those things if I get the chance.

How have the sports you did before helped with SUP?
Endurance, balance, strength – all enhanced.

What attracts you to SUP?
The purity – serenity of standing on the water but with as fierce a workout as you make it.

SUP race, SUP surf or something else?
SUP race, combos (dual sport: run/paddle/run – which I currently do)

SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term?
I think both…..some will fade out, but it is so versatile and so rewarding on many levels that I believe it will be the “yoga of the water” so to speak – meaning, it has the power to transcend sport and become a lifestyle…it has for me.

Do you participate in competitions?
Yes…and I plan to enter more and more. Plus, I am seeking more diverse comps, such as the ‘paddle-run-paddle’ format.

Aex Mauer, Ambassador BIC SUP

List Results/Accomplishments:
completion of 2 different 11 mile downwinders’ [no podium finishes as I had non-race equipment]
Several unique races, again, the paddle-run-paddle format

Instagram and Twitter: @fitnessmodelmom @jalawharton