Greg Closier
Greg Closier

Greg Closier

Grégory Closier is the owner of La Vague Surf Experience and brings more than 20 years of surfing, paddling and coaching experience. Greg was born in 1975 in St. Renan, France, and has been surfing his entire life. He is married to Céline and is the proud father of his beautiful daughter Capucine. Greg has traveled the world and surf perfect waves in exotic locations such as: Indonesia, Hawaii, Morocco, Australia, Mexico, Portugal, Reunion Island and more. 

Driven by the desire to share his passion for ocean sports with others, Greg successfully earned a Certificate in Sport Teaching and obtained the prestigious French Surf Instructor Certificate from the French Surfing Federation. He then established a surf school "SWEETSPOT Surf School" at his home break of Penfoul Beach in Brittany, where he established a strong reputation as one of the best surf schools in Brittany. 

Greg's been teaching many people how to surf and he's been coaching top international athletes (surfing and sup racing). 

A natural competitor, Greg enjoys pushing himself to test the limits of his performance. After years of pursuing surf contests, Greg capitalized on the popularity of stand up paddling and quickly adapted to the new sport. He has competed as a SUP racer in numerous international competitions and remains one of the best European SUP racers. 

"SUP racing gave me a new motivation and helped me attain a higher level of fitness than ever before. Training on a stand up board is now part of my lifestyle. SUP allows you to go in the water every day no matter the conditions. For me, it is the perfect complement to surfing. Sharing my passion is something I really enjoy, whether it is surfing with kids, helping adult catch their first wave or coaching professional athletes. I really like the feeling of being useful and helping people feel good. I've always been in love with California. I like the lifestyle, the weather, the waves. I created La Vague Surf Experience to help others discover the California surfing culture which has inspired me throughout my career.”



When and where did you start SUP ? 

In 2006 Penfoul Beach Bretagne France on a tandem surfboard,


Which sports did you practice before? And now? 

Surfing, longboarding 


How have the sports you did before helped with SUP? 

Surfing gave a good ocean knowledge that is very usefull especially in downwind. 


What attracts you to SUP? 

I like the fact that no matter the condition you always can go out and have fun, all you need is water. 


SUP race, SUP surf or something else? 

I like to spend time in water, surf, longboard, dw, flat water, I do it all. 


SUP is booming, do you think this is a fad or a change in attitudes over the long term? 

I think SUP is gonna be like bicycle, everybody will own one in the future. 


Do you participate in competitions

I like to compete, it gives me extra motivation to train hard and push the limit. 


2016 results :  


Swell Beach Race Dossen : 4th 

Trophee Gyuader Coupe de France : 5th 

North Point classic beach race : 4th 

Morbihan Paddle Trophee : 4th 

San Diego Race Mission Bay : 1st 

Pacific Paddle Game : 1st Elite Master LD 

38th overall LD 

Ventura Sup surf Championship : 1st place Master, 5th Elite 

La Jolla Race : 1st Elite