Inflatable SUP

Inflatable SUP


SUP AIR inflatables feature ultra-light, durable and extremely rigid construction for performance typically found only in rigid boards.By adding a rigid stringer along the top and bottom center line together with double layer rail construction we’ve reduced weight, dramatically increased rigidity and improved ease of re-rolling and packing the board after use. All SUP AIR models inflate to a rigid 15psi and come with an oversize backpack for ease of transport and storage, heavy duty two-way pump with gauge, packing straps, removable center fin with easy on/off thumb screw, repair kit and valve wrench.

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Performer Air // Play Air
Targeted at the beginner market, these boards are ideal for learning to SUP, on flat water and small waves. It's a versatile range that is perfect for families, clubs and schools. Very good price/quality ratio.

Discover Air // Wing Air
These boards are for beginners and intermediate level paddlers. Designed for excursions and exploration on flat water, they have superior glide and steering control. Great compromise between faster, smoother glide and accessibility.

River Air
Conceived for the growing band of paddlers of all levels into downstream river trips, these boards have shapes and fittings specific to this activity : short, wide, and tip-to-tail banana, they come with short fins and plenty of grab/remount handles. Good fun and totally specialized.

Wind Air
Allround board with mast insert and central fin box for windsurf.

schéma technologique pour les SUP gonflables Bic Sport


Ultra-Light, Impressively Rigid, Highly Durable – We’ve revolutionized our SUP AIR construction to optimize rigidity, reduce weight and maintain shape control (via the rocker profile) and durability. An ultra high-density Dyneema® Stringer belt wraps the board tip to tail for added rigidity. Double layer rails maximize durability where needed most and helps to maintain shape. A single layer of drop-stitch material keeps the board extremely lightweight.


• Ultra-light construction = easy to carry.
• Top & Bottom stringer improves stiffness vs. traditional inflatables.
• Reinforcements along the rails give the board very efficient protection against abrasion
• Performer 10’6 Board : Embossed EVA deck pad is plush and comfortable while offering excellent traction.
• Wing 11’ : Diamond grip EVA pad for added traction and comfort.