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  1. 9'8 THE PASS

    THE PASS 9’2 & 9’8 are designed to pay tribute to traditional-style longboard surfing. The gentle nose concave and single or thruster fin set-up create a smooth flow that will be instantly familiar to longboard surfers. Sturdy bottom rail edges and well placed volume make THE PASS stable to paddle, allow for effortless glide and long endless summer nose rides.

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  2. 12'6 BISCAYNE x 28"

    The BISCAYNE 12’6 x 28’’ is designed for Touring & Exploration. Whether it be day trips or week long expeditions, these boards have exceptional glide to help you get Deep into Nature and far from civilization. Ideal lighter weight to medium size riders (50-85 kg / 110-190lbs), the Biscayne’s unique chine and bottom contours keep it stable in all water conditions, even when loaded front and back with dry bags full of gear. Reinforced attachment points allow you to secure equipment and accessory items with ease. The rails are reinforced with flax fiber, known as ‘natures kevlar’, for added durability both on and off the water. A Cork deck pad provides exceptional comfort while being true to the sustainable EARTH SUP ethos.

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  3. 10'6" OXBOW SEARCH 2017

    Searching for a paddleboard that’s equally adept in the surf zone as it is cruising on flat-water? The search is over! Oxbow’s Search series features performance-minded surf designs blended with confidence-inspiring stability and a moderate rocker profile for versatility in flat-water conditions. Available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of rider sizes.

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  4. 12'6 OXBOW GLIDE x 29" 2017

    With the ideal blend of performance and durability using a Carbon- Innegra construction, the Glide series looks as good as the design performs. Excellent glide and stability combine to deliver smooth performance for touring your local waterway or setting out on more exciting day trips or multi-day expeditions. Available in a 12’6 as well as a 14’ version for longer excursions.

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  5. 12'6 OXBOW RACER x 26" 2017

    Featuring full carbon construction for lightweight, rigidity and maximum speed, the Racer series are competition-level boards that excel in flatwater, open ocean, beach and downwind race conditions. Ideal as a dependable ‘one-board quiver’ with the speed you need to perform at your peak combined with the stability required to stay upright and focused on the task at hand. Available in both 12’6 and 14’ lengths.

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