Spare parts

Spare parts

The hull of the O’pen BIC was designed with fun sailing as the priority. It is a modern boat where the hull is as open as possible, thereby leaving the helmsman completely free to move around and trim the boat to any wind and water conditions. When hiking, the large sides allow the sailor to set-up comfortably with his/her feet in the straps without placing any unnecessary stress on the body. The totally open and sloping cockpit means that there is absolutely no water in the boat either during sailing or just after a capsize. A relatively hard chine design was chosen for the bottom shape of the hull.

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  • 31330-OpenBic-Ronstan-460.jpg

    Mainsheet Swivel Block - Top

    REF. 31330
  • 31331-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    Mainsheet Ratchet Block - Botm

    REF. 31331
  • Mast Plug Male - Bottom

    Mast Plug Male - Bottom

    REF. 31386
  • 3458-OpenBic-460.jpg

    Deck Pads Set

    REF. 31458
  • 31487-OpenBic-460.jpg

    Sail Batten Stock (North)

    REF. 31487
  • 31488-OpenBic-460.jpg

    Batten Tensioner 4.5 North

    REF. 31488
  • 31489-OpenBic-460.jpg

    Batten End Cap 3.8 (North)

    REF. 31489
  • 31490-OpenBic-460.jpg

    Vario Top Male Plug (North)

    REF. 31490
  • 31545-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    Key for batten & tensioner

    REF. 31545
  • 31546-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    Dyneema Link Ratchet Block

    REF. 31546
  • 31547-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    Retainer Clip Ratchet Block

    REF. 31547
  • 31560-OpenBIC-460.jpg

    Tiller clamcleat x10

    REF. 31560

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

25-36 of 39