Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile

In total contrast to all modern means of transport, the Kwai, one of the last remaining sail-powered transport schooners. is the vital supplies link for the La Ligne island chain, lost in the vast empty expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It also carries passengers to and from the islands, continuing the essential service of assuring contact with the rest of the world.

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Happy New Year 2017

Wishing everyone an excellent 2017 with a maximum number of unforgettable watersport sessions. We hope your year has already started in great style!

Our entire 2017 product range can be viewed on line, and the 2017 vintage is rich with promise, plenty of new toys in all categories.


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Big up to both of them for their determination and tenacity!

Billy Besson and Marie Riou eventually managed to finish 6 rounds of racing in the Nacra 17 class at the Rio Olympic Games, despite Billy's injury. Victim of a disc hernia just before the Games, he nevertheless managed to race all the rounds despite being in considerable, continuous pain. He was particularly handicapped in the heavier winds (where he's normally unbeatable), but still managed 1st, 1st and 3rd place finishes on the day when the wind was lighter and more stable. Big up to both of them for their determination and tenacity in the face of such adversity!

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Ecoride Gold

BIC Sport wins the Ecoride Gold Medal for the second Year Running.


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