High Pressure !

The Nomad is the newest addition in BIC Sport's collection of High Pressure inflatable kayaks. It is a 2-3 seater, designed for leisure and trips. As with the YAKKAir HP, it has a high pressure floor and a high pressure keel.
Stable and powerful, it is ideal for family outings, 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children can take place in it.
For outings, it has enough room for two kayakists and their equipment. For full protection in adverse weather conditions, you just fit it with its full soft deck.


ref : Y1005


Gliding properties



Straight Line

Lake/ flat water


White water


he principle behind these highly innovative inflatables lies in their use of multiple materials to help reduce weight, plus the use of a keel and bottom section inflated to high pressure to give the hull a superbly efficient V shape. Result : the YAKKAir HP and Nomad HP are light weight and high performance boats with the advantage of pack-down and storage into a compact carry bag. This means you can get to further flung and less accessible spots much more easily.


Step-by-Step photo-illustrated instructions :

NOMAD HP1 / Nomad HP3
User Guide :




Technical data

Length Width Weight Capacity Max load
16' 4.9" 33.5" 55.1 lbs 2 adults + 2 kids 617 lbs


HP: High pressure
BP: Low pressure

When you sit down in a YAKKAir HP or a Nomad HP, the high-pressure floor (1) presses down on the high-pressure keel (2) putting the PVC skin (3) under tension. Under the pressure of the water, the skin stretches and curves out to give the hull its high-performance double concave shape.


Keel + rigid high-pressure floor
+ fabric + water pressure
= concave shape keel + rigid dry seat