Fun and Fashion

The Ouassou is designed as a versatile and manoeuvrable kayak ideal for beach fun. The stern handles let you hang on to body drag and allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably due to the ‘spatula’ shaped hull and the three hull inserts, enabling a set of fins (available separately as an accessory) to be fitted for better tracking. Its compact form and light weight make this a kayak that is easy to manoeuvre, transport and store.


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Gliding properties



Straight Line

Beginner waves

Lake/ flat water


White water


Fashion Series

In 2016, BIC Kayaks will be freshening-up it’s range of classic kayaks visually, going with the current flow for acid colours. The Ouassou, Bilbao and Tobago will be available in a superb acid-green as part of the new FASHION range, very different from the usual colourways. A special edition that you can enjoy alone, together or with the family, and stand out from the crowd on the water !

Technical data

Design Length Width Weight Capacity Max load
FRITSCH Associes.com & BIC Sport 8'6" 31" 39 lbs 1 adult + 1 child 240 lbs


logo TST technologie twin sheet by BIC Sport
Super Solid, Refined Finish

BIC Sport’s exclusive Twin Sheet Technology (TST) thermoforms two Polyethylene sheets in an aluminum mold and is used to build our kayaks, the O’pen BIC and Dinghies. The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation, resulting in an incredibly durable boat with a highly refined finish. The joint line of the two sheets fuses together to become the most durable part of the boat. This process creates a product that is extremely solid with an exceptionally smooth, UV-resistant finish.

Kayak rigide sit-on-top technologie by BIC Sport