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BIC Sport's backrests improve the paddle comfort of BIC Sport kayak seats, and are absolutely indispensible for long distance paddling. Aside from the improved comfort, they also help increase your
paddle power
, keeping the back well positioned in the lumbar region.
The Ergonomic backrest (see photo) is the best example of our expertise. Inspired by windsurf harness design, it's a rigid, moulded, ergonomic backrest giving exceptional back support, to help deliver maximum power with minimum fatigue.
There's nothing else that can match it on the kayak market.

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  • BK2012-Backrest-Situ3-4_Power-website.jpg

    Power Backrest

    REF. 31658
  • Kayak Backrest

    Kayak Backrest

    REF. 31362
  • BK2012-Backrest-Situ3-4_Standard-website.jpg

    Standard Backrest

    REF. 31659
  • BK2012-Backrest-Situ3-4_Fishing-website.jpg

    Deluxe Fishing Backrest

    REF. 31660
  • BK2012-Backrest-Situ3-4_Ergonomic-website.jpg

    Ergonomic Backrest

    REF. 31661

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