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Best for : Fishing, fun, expeditions, rough water and chop.

For who :Fishing enthusiasts looking for kayaks that are specifically designed and fitted for the purpose. The choice of model depends on what you want to do with it and want it to do.

Summary : Camouflage-coloured (beige and green) kayaks fitted out specifically for fishing, including watertight storage hatches, rod racks and rests… Enables you to access the widest possible variety of locations with properly adapted equipment.

The new YAKKAir Full HP Fishing reveal significant advances in the design of inflatable kayaks, with a panelled structure using the new Drop Stitch technology. These high-pressure inflated, rock-solid panels, assembled around pre-formed bow and stern elements, combine to create an ultra-rigid, high-performance kayak. A new revolution in inflatables....

Length Width Weight technology
13'5" 33.5" 35 lbs Full HP
Key features


- Panelled, Drop Stitch high-pressure structure (same as our SUP range) = strength, stiffness and light weight
- Manufactured with a fusion of high performance cloths and glues = powerful adhesion, durability
- Profiled deck (with deep V moulded tip sections front and rear) and steep-angled run-offs = excellent glide, high performance, lateral stability, directional control
- Versatile design concept = great for all kinds of kayaking styles (and even SUP !)
- Totally dual performance (FULL HP2) : identical solo and duo paddle comfort
- Huge capacity for carrying equipment in the cockpit (plus extra, elasticated carry nets)
- Fast, easy inflation in less than 8 minutes thanks to its high pressure pump
- H3 high-pressure valves = reliable, totally air-tight, replaceable
- Auto-empty bung = fast, easy emptying after use
- Front deflector to minimise water entry in heavy chop

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Include accessories :

YAKKAir Full HPs come with quality fittings as standard : comfortable, ergonomic seats with high back rests to give proper back support. Strap-mounted, adjustable foot rests are the other vital element for maximum paddle comfort on your longest excursions.


YAKKAir Full HPs come with the following accessories : carry bag, high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, 1 repair kit, removable fin, 1 seat, 1 rest.


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Technical Data
Length 13'5"
Width 33.5"
Board weight 35 lbs
Max load 460 lbs

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Fishing kayaks par BIC Sport

The kayaks in the Fishing range enable you to get quickly and easily to the best spots, and to glide through shallows and rocky areas totally risk-free. Single or double-seaters, they set themselves apart from the rest with their beige or green camouflage colouring as well as by their angling-specific fittings (integral rod rests and racks, storage lockers...) giving you the freedom of hassle-free angling action.


Various BIC Sport kayaks have been recognised with awards from the influential «Observateur du Design» magazine for their overall design, innovative features, and the environmental considerations behind their manufacturing/ construction technology.


Kayak gonflable Full hp dans les icebergs par bic sport

In early April 2018, Julien Colonge and Anthony Calvet, two young semi-pro skiers, set off on a voyage to north Norway for their « Combø Norway » experiment. The idea of the project was to mix ski and kayak, allowing them to access by sea some of the best but inaccessible cross-country ski locations. And to accomplish that, the new Yakkair Full HP3 inflatable kayak was the perfect vehicle, having enough space inside for two passengers along with all the equipment needed for climbing and skiing, and being able to resist the extreme conditions they would encounter. While we wait for the film of their trip to come out this autumn, here's Julien Colonge's astonishing account of their ultra-extreme raid.

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Generation 100% High Pressure
Technologie Kayak gonflable Full HP par BIC Sport

1- Side air chambers made of Drop Stitch material.
2- Bottom floor made of Drop Stitch material.
3- Reinforced PVC skin on the hull.


The Full HP 1, 2 and 3 reveal significant advances in the design of inflatable kayaks, with a paneled structure using the Drop Stitch technology. These high-pressure inflated, rock-solid panels, assembled around pre-formed bow and stern elements, combine to create an ultra-rigid, high-performance kayak. A true revolution in inflatables. The brand new HP 3 has exceptional technical features.


Technologies Features
Full HP construction by BIC Sport


- Drop Stitch SSL (SelyTec Single Layer) technology.
- High quality PVC specially treated to resist UV deterioration with an excellent resistance to the folding and unfolding : superior strength and rigidity, much lighter weight, remains ultra-stable over time.
- High-resistance fabrics with perfect water-tightness: avoids any risk of water infiltration in the high-pressure inflatable sections.
- The panels are assembled using “Advanced SelyTech V2” exclusive glue: sealing and holding power with resistance to water and high temperature is more than twice that of the standard glues.


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Full HP
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