14'0 GLIDE x26" WOOD

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Touring | Race SUP

Featuring our authentic wood construction, the Glide series looks as good as the shapes perform. Excellent glide and stability combine to deliver smooth performance for touring your local waterway or setting out on more exciting excursions.

Available in two widths in the 12’6 (27” & 29”) & 14’ sizes (26” & 28”), for 2020 we set out to make subtle refinements to the high-quality OXBOW Glide Touring range.

The nose shape has been refined for cleaner entry into the water, and a smoother penetration of chops and bumps. To add glide between strokes, the volume has been slightly increased from just behind the nose to the standing area.

Finally, the deck has been reshaped at the tail to facilitate better water drainage at the back of the board. The 2020 version of the Glide Wood delivers improved glide and stability, giving you more fun and less fatigue on all your outings and excursions.

Length Width Weight Volume technology
14'0 26" 32 lbs 265 L C-TEC
Key features


GLIDE OXBOW 14'0 x 26" comes with:

Surf-Inspired Longboard Shapes for stable flat water cruising and wave surfing performance.
• Attachment Points – Leash plug at tail + 2 or 4 attachment points in front of standing area for securing gear.
• Embossed EVA deck pad is plush and comfortable while offering excellent traction.
• Moderate rocker profile to maintain glide in flat water while still performing in the surf zone.
• Round Thumb Tail shape for smooth rail transfers and pivot turns.
• Ergo-Grip carry handle for ease of transport and less fatigue (ACE-TEC).

Max rider weight: 210 lbs/95 kg

Include Product

Fins set up : Single
Fin Supplied : C-TEC 9' Touring

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Technical Data
Length 14'0
Width 26"
Thickness 6.7 cm
Weight 32 lbs
Volume 265 L
Feet off tail 16.0"
Feet off nose 8.4"
Max Rider Weight 210 lbs
Fins setup Single Fin
Center fin Touring 9"
Side fin -
Fins supplied Touring 9"

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ACE-TEC Technolohy Stand up Paddle by BIC Sport

Our C-TEC “Custom”-Technology was developed to create the ultimate light weight, high-performance boards while maintaining good impact resistance. The success of this construction is due to the combination of Carbon-Innegra weave fabric* throughout the entire board together with a light weight low density foam core. A brushed white finish provides added durability, protection from overheating in the sun and reduced weight.

- Lightweight EPS foam cores for minimum weight.
- Carbon-Innegra sandwich for minimum weight, competitive stiffness and improved durability.
- Localized reinforcement for key impact areas, improving durability in specific areas while minimizing weight overall.
- Brushed matt finish for improved glide, protection from the sun.
- Diamond groove pad for maximum traction.




Oxbow is the name for a river that takes a meandering path on its journey to the ocean. Born in the mid-1980’s in Normandy, France, the Oxbow brand found inspiration in this idea – a desire to wander and an understanding that life is about the journey, not the destination. Choosing nature and the relationship with the ocean as it founding value, the brand puts emphasis on the quality of its products and the pleasure they bring, providing new twists on fashion with an unconventional approach.

Oxbow developed alongside some of watersports greatest athletes, such as Laird Hamilton, pioneer of tow-in surfing, kitesurf, foilsurfing and stand-up paddle surfing. For 30 years, Oxbow has never stopped exploring new territories and supporting riders in pursuit of their passions.

The early 2000s saw the emergence and incredible growth of Stand Up Paddle, a new sport born from the convergence of these waves of enthusiasm. Oxbow has lent its support and experience to many top riders and events that have given visibility and an enduring legacy to the sport, including Laird Hamilton, pioneer of tow-in surfing, kitesurf, foilsurfing and stand-up paddle surfing. For 30 years, Oxbow has never stopped exploring new territories and supporting riders in pursuit of their passions.


Around the same time in France the Bich family, of BIC pen fame, united their passion for the sea with expertise in sustainable manufacturing to found BIC Sport. Today BIC Sport is a world leader in boardsports manufacturing, designing and building paddleboards, surfboards and windsurf boards using exclusive construction technologies in Vannes, France.


These two iconic French brands have joined forces to develop a new range of Oxbow Stand Up Paddleboards that embody the shared values, passion and philosophy of both companies. This exciting collaboration brings the best of each brand to the forefront with products proudly manufactured at the BIC Sport factory in France* with the unique Oxbow look, feel and spirit. We invite you to explore the new Oxbow range of paddleboards, paddles and accessories in the pages that follow.
*All ACE-TEC Oxbow Stand Up paddle boards are made in France


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