10'0 Cruiser 2017

Ref. 101073


One of the easiest boards to ride, a real cruiser when paddling out, catching waves and while surfing. Precise volume placement means that this board is perfect for the heaviest of riders, as well as those wanting to get the most out of small or soft waves. Surprisingly maneuverable for its length, the Cruiser is a true longboard that will also work great if you end up riding some famous tidal bores.
Length Width Weight Volume technology
10'0 23"3/4 15.7 LBS 92 L SF
Key features


  • High performance and fun-focused shapes
  • Lightweight Epoxy construction
  • Reinforced lamination for enhanced durability
  • FCS fins
  • Designed in France
Include Product
Fin Supplied : FCS M5 Thruster Tri
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Technical Data
Length 10'0
Width 23"3/4
Thickness 3"3/8
Weight 15.7 LBS
Volume 92 L
Shaper Gérard Dabbadie
Fins setup US Center Box
Fins supplied 10'' Dolphin

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In addition to nuanced details of board shape and design, which he clearly knows inside-out, what’s behind all the wave-riding fun is an understanding of modern, reliable, 100% faithful manufacturing techniques, so he’s fully confident in the quality and performance of every production board he designs. Superfrog boards are first pre-shaped using the AKU shaping tool, then hand-finished before being coated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Two 6 ounce layers of fiberglass on the bottom and two 6 plus one 4 ounce layer on the deck for shortboards, three 6 ounce layers on the longboards.

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