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In the face of a rush towards elite-level performance boards and the seemingly endless models that have appeared since the year 2000 (supplied by manufacturing in the Far East) BIC Sport has opted to do things very differently. We’ve concentrated our efforts on a smaller, focused range of products and have invested in establishing monotype/formula competitions for the long-term health of the sport. With manufacturing based in France we’ve been able to respond rapidly to the sport’s changing trends using exclusive, highly efficient production methods and technologies.

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We have committed

"BIC Sport has been manufacturing watersport products for over 30 years. Long before ‘eco-friendly’ was a buzzword we began developing “clean” manufacturing processes by recycling wherever possible, eliminating gas emissions and conserving energy and water. From start to end of life-cycle, BIC Sport products are thoughtfully produced with preserving the environment we all share in mind. And perhaps least recognized but most important, BIC Sport products are BUILT TO LAST - meaning fewer boards and boats taking up residence in your local landfill."

BIC Sport & the planet

Thechno 293 OD, The World’s Largest Windsurfing Class

The official worldwide-approved board for Junior Under 17 competitions, the Techno 293 One Design has seen its fleet numbers explode over the last few years. Today, there are more than 9000 Techno 293s sailing somewhere in the world, with a supporting competition program that is constantly growing.The 2014 World Championships, held in Brest in France, drew more than 400 competitors from 35 countries and 6 continents: a windsurfing record.

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