9'4" Noserider

9'4"  Noserider


Highway to Nose Rider

Designed by the legendary shaper Darrell «Rooster» Dell, the 9’4” Nose Rider is focused on a more traditional nose riding, old-school style of longboarding.
Particularly suited for mid to heavy weight riders the 9’4 has good volume for easy take-offs and stable nose rider, and shape characteristics favoring good speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions. A versatile board, great for cruising the waves.


First timer




Key Features

Best mix of performance, lightweight and durability
30% stronger than traditional surfboards
Proven longboard shapes
FCS fins
Made in France



ref : 100230

Technical data

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Weight range
9'4 22"3/4 3" 78 L 16.5 LBS <230 lbs
  • Fin Set up : US Center Box + Sides
  • Fin Supplied : FCS 8'' + FCS GL
  • Weight range : <230 lbs

  • Shaper : Darrell"Rooster" Dell