7'6" Performer

7'6" Performer


Flying Vehicules

Combining that elusive blend of versatility and performance with unbeatable durability, the 7’6” Performer lives up to its name!
Possessing the stability and ease of a longboard with integral design elements of a quick-turning shortboard, the Performer offers you the chance to pump up your surfing technique while decreasing your board length. Able to embrace a wide range of wave conditions, it offers heaps of fun and a versatile ride through its tested, refined and proven shape.

A board that is super fun to surf, rapid and precise, giving a real spring under foot. Thanks to the board’s elongated pin-tail you can really drive off the bottom turn and start to attack good waves, right in the critical section. You can also surf “old school” as this board is the perfect transition between the stability and ease of a longboard, and the rapidity and tight carves of a shortboard. Enjoy!



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Key Features

Best mix of performance, lightweight and durability
30% stronger than traditional surfboards
Proven longboard shapes
FCS fins
Made in France


ref : 100228

Technical data

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Weight range
7'6 21"3/8 2"3/4 51 L 12.5 LBS <187 lbs
  • Fin Set up : Thruster Tri
  • Fin Supplied : FCS M5 Thruster Tri
  • Weight range : <187 lbs

  • Shaper : Gérard Dabbadie