7'0" Egg

7'0" Egg

Egg Winger

The 7’0 Egg Winger is the ultimate funboard. It gives you plenty of length and glide for a very smooth riding style. The flat rocker lets you catch waves with ease.

About the shape : Round bevels with a single concave under the nose, that evolves into vee, and vee double concave. The wingers of the pin tail maximize control while surfing on the rail. This board means easy access to surfing and immediate fun.



First timer




Key Features

Premium vintage shape by Gérard Dabbadie
More natural materials: Paulownia wood & Flax fiber
Woodcore fins included
Varnish-free matte finish
Designed in France



ref : 101077

Technical data

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
7'0 21"5/8 2"7/8 50 L 12.1 LBS
  • Fin Set up : US Center Box + sides
  • Fin Supplied : 7" Dolphin Woodcore + GL twins Woodcore

  • Shaper : Gérard Dabbadie


Sourced from nature

We have carefully selected materials which are bio-sourced and also have the necessary technical properties to ensure solid construction and performance. Flax fiber, Paulownia wood and Cork wood have been tested and proven in other industries and they now play a key role in the sourcing and production of EARTH SURF & SUP boards. Looking towards the future, potential areas of ongoing development include the sourcing of materials for the foam core, the resins used in EARTH SURF & SUP boards, and the packaging. We currently use polystyrene foam for the core of EARTH SURF & SUP boards. While this foam is recyclable it is nonetheless a petroleum derivative. Research of alternative materials continues and we plan to transition to a bio-sourced material as soon as feasible. The same is true of bio-resins. For now we continue to use epoxy resin due to the limitations in performance of currently available bio-resins. We will move to a new resin as soon as an acceptable alternative is found. Finally, we plan to optimize the packaging of EARTH SURF & SUP boards as soon as a feasible and a practical solution has been found.