6'0" Robert's Quad Fish

6'0" Robert's Quad Fish

Robert's Quad Fish

The 6’0 Robert’s Quad Fish is the perfect mix between vintage and modernity. Its thick flat deck with a recess towards the rails delivers maximum buoyancy for fun even in small surf. Ride it as a twin, or as a quad for maximum speed.

About the shape : single concave on the front half to double concave with vee out the tail for smooth rail to rail transitions. This board will give you extra speed under the front foot, and smooth control under the rear one.


First timer




Key Features

Premium vintage shape by Gérard Dabbadie
More natural materials: Paulownia wood & Flax fiber
Woodcore fins included
Varnish-free matte finish
Designed in France



ref : 101074

Technical data

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
6'0 22" 2"1/2 40 L 9.7 LBS
  • Fin Set up : Quad
  • Fin Supplied : Woodcore twins + Woodcore GL twins (quad)

  • Shaper : Gérard Dabbadie