Deep into nature

THE PASS 10’6 x 30’’ is first and foremost designed as a longboard style surf SUP for lighter riders (50-85 kg / 110-190 lbs).
Fortunately this style of board lends itself to all-purpose flat-water cruising and is stable enough for new paddlers to gain confidence and progress. Given its all-round shape and versatility, THE PASS is a ‘one board quiver’, ideal if your looking for just one board for travelling and exploring off the radar surf spots as well as quiet coves.






Key Features :

Surf-Inspired Longboard Shapes for stable flat water cruising and wave surfing performance
More natural materials: Paulownia wood & Flax fiber
Cork deck pad for exceptional comfort and natural grip
Reinforced attachment points - Leash plug at nose and tail + four attachment points in the front and in the back of the standing area for securing gear and accessories
Woodcore Touring fin included


Core : Low density EPS Foam, 15 kg/m3
Rail Lamination : Uni-Directional 300 gr/m² natural Flax fiber
Deck + Hull Lamination : 100 g/m² natural Flax Fiber with Paulownia Wood
Whole Board Lamination : 200 g/m² fiberglass
Epoxy Resin with 30% bio-sourced materials
Cork deck pad

1 - CORK Cork is widely used in the shoe industry because of its natural comfort and shock absorbing properties. Our EARTH SUP Deck Pads feature this renewable resource for the same reasons.
2 - PAULOWNIA WOOD Paulowina is fast-growing, lightweight, warp-resistant and strong. The deck of all boards features this exceptionally durable, beautiful and renewable wood. It is also used on the bottom of some SUP boards.
3 - FLAX FIBER Flax fiber is a naturally sourced material that has very similar properties to fiberglass. It has similar flex and tensile strength, but is more durable, and is often referred to as “nature’s Kevlar”. Flax fiber is used on the rails and/or bottom of all EARTH SURF & SUP boards.
VARNISH-FREE No varnish and minimal paint is used for the graphics, decoration or finishing, as these products tend to be toxic and also are hazardous for to work with.
MINIMAL FIBERGLASS The only fiberglass that is used is for the finishing of the board, and the quantity of this man-made mineral fiber is kept to a minimum.


ref : 100713

Technical data

Length Width Volume Weight Weight range
10'6" 30" 155 L 25.3 lbs 190 lbs
  • Fin Supplied : US Box : Composite wood