BIC Techno 293 One Design World's in Brest: the greatest ever!

BIC Techno 293 One Design World's in Brest: the greatest ever!

9 or 10 ratified races in all categories, weather that gave a wide variety of sailing conditions, superb organisation, 400 riders... All the ingredients necessary to ensure that this BIC Techno 293 World Championships was quite literally an immense occasion that will live long in the memories of the competitors from 35 countries and 5 continents.

The sun shone all week, and the wind, mainly blowing in from the north, combined with the localised thermals to build in strength through the afternoons, giving the riders some excellent and varied conditions requiring equally varied tactical nous. Superb organisation out on the water enabled 9 or 10 races to be run and ratified in all the race categories. And equally good organisation on dry land by the local Crocodiles de L'Elorn club was equally apparent in the excellent atmosphere at the event's tented village, centred on the riders' paddock area, and with numerous DJs and bands bringing their own skills to the party mix.

As for the Championship results themselves, French and Italian riders largely domiated proceedings in all categories, and just behind them the Israeli riders showed that they were a real podium threat right up to the final rounds of racing. "The skill level in windsurfing generally is progressing all over the world" said Didier Flamme, race director for the event and the technical director for windsurf at the Fédération Française de Voile «when you look at countries like Israel, Russia, Argentina, Japan and Lithuania, you can see they're making rapid progress and these championships were very keenly contested right from the start ! ».

It was also good to see the strong increase in numbers in the new class of TechnoPlus, where the French riders were almost totally dominant. This category, which was launched at the 2013 championships in Sopot, Poland, is clearly an excellent way for the over 17s to carry on Techno 293 OD racing at the highest level. The success of Brest was evident from the number of trainers and coaches returning home committed to developing the TechnoPlus class back in their own countries over the coming years.


The championships was a truly outstanding success, as could be seen in the eyes of riders and organisers alike. The BIC Techno 293 One Design spirit, derived from the racing, the mixing of cultures, the entertainment at every turn, all to the evident enjoyment of all concerned, was the unifying theme of the whole week.

Rendez vous a year from now in Argentina for the 2015 World Championships !





Day 0: opening ceremony

Day 1: light and difficult wind conditions

Day 2: Full french menu

Day 3: No future without fun

Day 4: No wind, no problem!

Day 5: looking for the GAMES

Day 6: Thank you Brest!


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Day 5

Kids love to play games and they had a lot of opportunities to do so during this week in Brest.
But the big GAMES are starting in less then 2 weeks in Nanjing China. Youth Olympic Games 2014, with BIC techno 293 class in it as well. Some of the kids here are lucky
enough to represent their country and take part and today we have them in the spot light. See video Day 5


Day 4

Cloudy sky and no wind at BIC techno 293 windsurfing worlds in Brest today?
No problem !!! We had cart world championship with some very, very attractive prizes.
Some exercise, lot of fun, lot of smiles.

Why cart ? What prizes ? Find out in video Happy date from Day 4


Day 3

Without fun, there is no future.
Future of BIC techno class are young kids racing in under 15 category.
They fight hard on the race course but have a lot of fun at the same time. Like today 3rd day of racing at the 2014 World championships.


DAY 2: Full french menu on the plate for all competitors!

1. Entree - light wind special with a little bit of current.

2. Main dish - marginal with strong current spice.
3. Desert - Beautiful planing special with cherry on top.

Enough for all but some still could handle a little more ....  What is this all about? Find out in the video from day 2 and more information in website event and Facebook page





Difficult wind conditions allowed race committee to use almost all flags they have. 

Postponements, abandonments, recalls, black flags and more …. 

But at the end of the day all groups sailed one race and battle 

for the world championship title is on.




The Techno 293 OD World Championships, held this year in Brest, France, began on Saturday evening, with a colourful opening ceremony that included a parade along the seafront promenade by the 400+ competitors grouped according to the 35 countries they represent.

The event is already a record-breaker itself, as the biggest One Design contest ever held !


The serious racing got underway today in light to moderate winds. 




More info on the Event website