SUP Instructional Series


Jimmy Blakeney is Product/Marketing Manager for BIC SUP, US National Champion Paddler and a Certified SUP Instructor Trainer for the ACA.

Peter Pan

Peter "Pan" is a surf icon on the east coast USA with more than 40 years of round the clock surfing under his belt and induction into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1996. A versatile waterman, Peter has been an integral part of the BIC Sport Research and Design Team for surf and SUP for more than a decade

From how to choose your SUP board to how to surf on a SUP, Jimmy and Peter will give you the best advice to start and progress 
on a SUP through these 17 videos.



Gearing up

Discover your gear : SUP, Paddle, leash. The best advice before going on the water 

Choose the right Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Well tell you how to choose the right SUP for your skill level, and for the type of padding that you do 

Select the right paddle 

We tell you how to choose the right SUP paddle for your skill level, and for the type of paddling that you do 

How to carry a SUP 

We show you the easiest ways to carry a SUP 

Getting started !

How to get started with stand up paddling 

What to do when you fall off

We look at what to do when you fall off your SUP 

Stand up Paddling safety 

Stand Up Paddling is a very safe activity, but when things go wrong, there's the potential for things to go VERY wrong. In this episode we look at how to stay safe on the water 

The golden rules of stand up paddling 

A set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively and safely 

The ideal forward stroke 

With proper forward paddling technique, you'll be able to paddle your stand up paddle board more efficiently and powerfully, while reducing the stress on your body. Look at the ideal forward stroke technique 

Sweep Strokes 

Sweep strokes are the most effective means of turning your SUP. We look at how to take proper sweep strokes

Draw Strokes 

Draw Strokes move your board laterally in the water, and they provide the foundation for key strokes that let you paddle in a straight line without changing sides 

Paddle straight !

A few different techniques to keep your board running in a straight line

Moving around your board 

To get the most out of your stand up paddle board , it's important that you can competently and confidently move around on it 

Pivots turns 

How to make quick and balanced pivot turns on your SUP 

Taking your SUP To the Surf

Board designer Peter Pan explains some important rules to know before taking your SUP to the surf 

How to launch in Surf 

How to launch a stand up paddle board in a surf zone 

Surf !

Look at the basics of SUP surfing.

How to surf Tips


Surf history, learning how to surf, a few keys to success.

Surfing Stuff

Before you get into the water, some information about your surfing equipment...

Warming Up

It is highly recommended to take a few minutes to warm up before surfing. We tell you how to do it.

Spot Check

Sandy beaches, sandbanks, rocks, currents, channel... we show you how to "read" the surf spot.

Basics skills

Safety, initial gliding exercices, wave choice, built up speed with the right timing, rough trim, control of the board...


Low, mid, high tide... to surf successfully, you must follow the tides.

Le Take Off

Take off is the first great obstacle in surfing. Are you goofy or regular ? We tell you how to succeed.

Weather and Waves

Wave and swell origins, wave periods, on and offshore wind, surf spot, wave circulation, we tell you all you need to know to understand waves better.


When surfing, you spend more time on the board in a lying position than in an upright position. We show you how to improve your paddling technique.

Getting Out

When paddling out, you will keep on getting waves coming at you. We show you the best way to overcome them.


The safety and right of way rules.

Green Waves Take Off

The more often you'll catch green waves, the more you'll feel the point of acceleration. We show you how to choose the right wave and get good timing.

Trim and Turn

Shoulder surfing, trimming the board, turning, positioning on the wave, pushing to accelerate. Speed and control are the keys to success!

Bottom Turn: Experts

Surf the wave vertically. That means that directly on the break edge, ride steeply from the top to the bottom and vertically up again. Learn the basics for this manoeuvre.

Top Turn

While you perfect pushing in the centre of the wave, you will also learn the fundamentals of the top turn...

Cut Back

If the wave is weak or you have surfed too far on to the shoulder, you steer back to the stronger pocket with a cut back.

Duck Dive

If you have mastered the advanced surfing techniques, and have already surfed a small board, it's time for you to dive under the wave like a duck.


In order to keep contact with the shoulder, you can overcome sections that suddenly change with a floater...


The ultimate rotation

Tube Ride

Longboards can perform manoeuvres like any shortboard.