Beach Sports

Developed directly from the successful YAKKAir HP, the YAKKAir Lite is aimed specifically at coastal paddling close to the beach, for rivers and for other inland waters.
Suitable for all skill levels, stable, strong and light weight, the YAKKAir Lite is the ideal way to get out on the water on your holidays. Folded down into its tough storage bag, it's simple to transport either on foot or in the boot of your car.
On the construction side, the same multi-material format as used on the YAKKAir HP (Polyurethane bladders + Dacron bladder sleeve, multi-tube bottom with a coated fabric outer skin) has been used. The rigid stiffeners at front and rear tips help to pre-form the hull, sharpening the cutting edge and further improving the already excellent glide.
YAKKAir kayaks can be fitted with a flexible deck cover to keep splash water out, without any hindrance to movement or safety.


Folded down into a carry bag, the YAKKAir Lite is easy to carry on foot or in the boot of your car, and is fully inflated for use in minutes using a high pressure pump with a pressure gauge.

The YAKKAir Lite 2 has been designed for two-person paddling, but can easily be used solo by only mounting one of the seats in the centre of the kayak, where appropriate fittings have been incorporated in the design.


YAKKAir Lite :Step-by-Step photo-illustrated instructions


ref : Y1003


Gliding properties



Straight Line

Lake/ flat water


Standart Equipment:

2 x Backrest
Safety grab lines
Abrasion protector
Bow protector
Carry handles
Accessories' stowing mesh front & rear
Paddle attachment
Attache pagaie
Carry bag
Repair kit


The Leisure range

The inflatable models in the Leisure range are designed for leisure paddling close to the beach or on lakes and rivers. Aimed at beginners and occasional paddlers, they’re stable, sturdy and light weight and are well fitted for and suited to family fun. They pack down into a carry bag but can be unpacked and inflated in minutes.


Technical data

Length Width Weight Capacity Max load
13'5" 37.8" 29.7 lbs 2 adults 550 lbs


The YAKKAir Lite 1 has been conceived for one person use. Stable, fast, light weight and comfortable, it’s a fully-equipped kayak which comes equipped with backrest and footrest.
The YAKKAir Lite 2 has been designed for two person paddling, but can easily be used solo by mounting a single seat in the centre of the kayak. It’s a fully-equipped kayak which comes equipped with backrests and footrests.



1. Cordura Polyester fabric
2. Reinforced PVC
3. Dacron tube
4. Polyurethane bladder
5. Multi-tube hull
BS : Low pressure