Our Brand Story

Since the release of our first kayak in 2000 we’ve been focused on refining the look performance, build quality, features and fittings of our kayaks to ensure maximum fun out on the water. From easy to use Sit-On-Tops to lightweight inflatables, our 2016 collection has something to suit every skill level and style of paddling. With a unique aesthetic and a blend of performance togetehr with reassuring stability we’re confident you’ll find the right boat for you in the pages that follow...

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We have committed

"BIC Sport has been manufacturing watersport products for over 30 years. Long before ‘eco-friendly’ was a buzzword we began developing “clean” manufacturing processes by recycling wherever possible, eliminating gas emissions and conserving energy and water. From start to end of life-cycle, BIC Sport products are thoughtfully produced with preserving the environment we all share in mind. And perhaps least recognized but most important, BIC Sport products are BUILT TO LAST - meaning fewer boards and boats taking up residence in your local landfill."

BIC Sport & the planet